Karakuri 3.1

This program gives a challenge of opening a virtual treasure chest

Recursive Karakuri Treasure Chest Puzzle presents you with a challenge of opening a virtual treasure chest by unlocking a set of sliding levers. The 3D model is faithful to the physical world in that a lever does not move when it is blocked by another. You open the treasure chest by moving the large green lever. However, in order to move the large green lever, you must first move the large pink lever, which is blocked by the middle green lever... and so on. You move levers by clicking them with the mouse. You can rotate the box for a better viewing angle by dragging it with the mouse.
This program was written in C using a DirectX SDK. This program comes with an installer and an uninstaller, runs on XP, 7 or later, and requires DirectX 9.0c or later.

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